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The 5 People Who Want a MYVAZ For The Holidays

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Katie Connely

Everyone has those people on their gift list that are just impossible to buy for. Every year, around this time, you try to think of a gift that they actually want, and every year you end up just getting them something generic (it’s the thought that counts right?). Well this year is finally the year that you nail it! That’s right, you will get them something thoughtful, unique and brag-worthy! So without any more ado, these are the 5 people on your list that want MYVAZ for the holidays:


1.    Your Grandma

We all love grandma. She’s the one who snuck you candy, took care of you on your days home sick from school and she always got you the BEST gifts for any gift-giving holiday (a thoughtful card with a twenty tucked nicely inside). So how do we repay her? We get her random gifts every year. But honestly, what does your grandma want for the holidays? She just wants to spend time with the family! You can’t show up to the holiday party empty-handed though, so what’s a grandkid to do? Here’s what you do, you buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a MYVAZ to match. What’s her favorite color or pattern? Don’t worry, we have it. Plus, now she doesn’t have to climb up on a chair to find a vase when you show up with just flowers. You don’t want to ruin dinner by breaking grandma’s hip do you?

2.    Your Coworker

It’s time for the office gift exchange again. Once again, there’s a $10 limit on gifts. If your gift exchange goes anything like ones parodied on TV, there’s a lot of re-gifting of unwanted junk from holidays past. If you want to be the star of the gift exchange this year, the person whose gift is battled over, then look no further than MYVAZ! It’s seriously the perfect office gift! It adds a little flavor to any office space, and you won’t have to go over the price limit. It’s a win-win really. (Maybe score some points with your boss as well by getting two).

3.     Your Hostess

It’s party time! You’re about to be going to so many holiday parties that you’ll lose count. While the parties are fun, there’s always the hostess gift that could put a damper on things. You don’t always want to do the generic bottle of wine (not to mention that can add up). So why not do something a little different this year? With all the different options of MYVAZ available, you can get something different for every one of your hostesses! (You’ll probably be the life of the party after such a stellar gift as well).

4.     The Out-Of-Towner

Holiday time = travel time. You’re traveling to see family, friends, in-laws and who knows who else. This presents a tough problem of maximizing your suitcase space. You have room for your stuff, but wait, you have to fit in presents as well! Luckily MYVAZ is so compact that it doesn’t even really take up space in the suitcase! It’s flat against the top of the suitcase so you can still pack all your shoe AND outfit options! Problem solved.

5.     The Kids’ Teacher

Speaking as the daughter of a teacher, I think I can say with 100% certainty that your kids’ teacher does NOT want another “#1 Teacher” coffee mug. However, every teacher can use some flowers in a festive vase on the desk. Also, with a bunch of kids running around it’s pretty clutch that the vase won’t break when it inevitably gets knocked over during indoor recess. MYVAZ will look great full of pencils and crayons too!


So there you have it! You can cross those 5 people off your list and move on to more pressing issues like how you’re going to fit 40 people in your dining room for holiday dinners!


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Portage Lake Triathlon

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Katie Connely

 With a title like “man’s best friend,” dogs must be pretty cool animals. So naturally designing a product for people with dogs was right up our alley. We developed H2FidO to be a great transportable hydration system and we have been test marketing it every chance we get.

We recently attended the Portage Lake Triathlon to watch David’s nephew compete, and we took along our boy Yukon to check it out. 

Yukon might have enjoyed himself more than all the competitors, and he wanted to jump in with everyone during the swimming leg of the race. We managed to take his mind off the swimming by tossing the tennis ball around with him, but we finally let him join in the triathlon and jog alongside all of the runners.

As we’re sure you can imagine, he wore himself out pretty quickly. So after his workout he chilled out and enjoyed his H2FidO. Yukon loves his H2FidO (what dog wouldn’t) and we like that he can go and get a drink when he wants to. We were immediately pleased by the looks that the H2FidO got from other dog owners and one owner with a beautiful Husky even told us “That is a great idea!”

As the race wound down we packed up and clipped H2FidO back on to our bag, congratulated David’s nephew on coming in third place, and headed out. Can’t wait to show off (and brag about) this product even more!


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Modgy is Modern + Edgy Design

Posted on October 10, 2012 by Nick Pavlak

We are Modgy, an innovative company dedicated to bringing a range of modern products to market designed for cool, hip, yet practical people looking for something different. Our products are also recyclable (go green)! If you’re looking for functional art to incorporate into your home and lifestyle, you have reached THE authority on everything flat! That means unlimited storage potential and unlimited swaps to your decor. Variety is the spice of life afterall.

You’re super curious about these cool, versatile products, aren’t you? We won’t keep you in suspense any longer! Our two flexible and totally functional products are H2FidO and MyVaz. H2FidO is a must-have item for those that love to enjoy the great outdoors with their dogs, but don’t want to lug around massive water bottles and dog bowls to keep their pets healthy and happy. MyVaz is a portable, storable, swappable, and unbreakable vase you can use to bring the gift of flowers, color and fun to any place, any time. Both are reusable and recyclable, pretty nifty, huh?

Being eco-friendly is always important for us and our products because we appreciate our responsibility to the environment and to ensuring that the earth and its bounty are around for our children, their children, their children’s children, their children’s children… (you get the picture) to enjoy. Recycling is a beautiful thing, and so are our products. Too many products around us are boring, but we say why does something have to be ugly if it’s functional?! We want to have our cake and eat it too (otherwise what’s the point?)

We make sure our products are beautifully designed by letting our designers have free reign to run with our ideas. If something sucks, we throw it out. (That’s why none of our designs suck!) We’re really excited for our new MyVaz artist series vase line right now. We employed artists from different corners of the earth for their artistic patterns. None of these vases will have revisions or changes. Art is art.

If you like what you hear so far, good! We have new and exciting products in the works, and we plan to continue to keep our minds spinning with ideas and we’re always thinking about the next product. Modgy doesn’t stop at the office. Our eyes are open when we are shopping, playing with our kids and dogs at the park and in the car before we even get to work. You can rest assured that future products will be just as functional, beautiful and ecological as H2FidO and myvaz. We never take the easy path just because it’s easy. We don’t use canned art or canned people or cans for that matter...

We are excited to introduce Modgy to the world and look forward to an exciting ride together.

Modgy is Modern + Edgy Design.

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