February 27, 2013 2 min read

We here at MODGY get asked the question, “Is your product made in the USA,” all the time. Well, no, our products are not manufactured in the USA, but does that alone mean that we’re not an American company?

We certainly don’t think so!

We ARE a proud American company! So we asked ourselves, “What makes us a proud American company, and how can we express that to our American stores and customers?”

Although our actual products are made overseas, that is honestly such a small part of what our company does, and we work to support the American worker in everything else we do. Virtually every other aspect of our company is grounded in not only the US, but also in our local economy.

Here is a list of what we have sourced out to local companies:

  • Website Design, Development and Support (Shaker Heights, OH)
  • Social Media Guru (Shaker Heights, OH)
  • Graphic Artist (Sugar Creek, OH)
  • Packaging Supplier (Wadsworth, OH)
  • Our Boxes (Willoughby, OH)
  • Our Lead Artist and Designer (Cleveland Heights, OH)
  • Videographer (Newark, OH)
  • Photographer (Newark, OH)
  • Catalogs, Print and Design, (Cleveland, OH)

As you can see, we work with several local businesses to help our local business and others to continue growing.

We also use a CEVEC, which is part of the Mayfield School system, to help us package our products. CEVEC provides vocational and work training to high school-aged students with disabilities from 16 districts in the eastern Cuyahoga County area. This is important to us because we want to help ensure that jobs will be available to individuals that, otherwise, could have a tough time finding employment.

In addition to the local companies and individuals that we support with our business, we also warehouse, ship and package product and handle all customer service right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

So, no… our products may not be made in the United States (YET), but if you ask us if we are a proud American company, we will tell you, “You can bet your red, white and blue blooded American ass we are!”