About Modgy

Modgy is a home goods company dedicated to bringing modern products that deliver beauty, convenience and simplicity to homes, events and every day life. Modgy is located in Cleveland, OH and operates as a division of Eppco Enterprises.

Our Misson

Our mission is to modernize every day products by using unexpected materials and edgy artwork to transform typical home goods into products that fit modern spaces and design preferences. Modgy products feature artists' designs and are sold in museum gift shops. Learn more about Modgy artists.

Our Products

Modgy products are constructed of BPA-free plastic materials, making them expandable, shatterproof and recyclable! We continue to add to our home goods lines, so check back often for new Modgy products or sign up for our email newsletter to get the scoop.

Green Statement

Modgy is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and protecting Mother Earth is important to our company. Modgy uses recycled products where possible in our business processes and technology to lower energy usage. Our low-waste shipping policy reuses all possible incoming shipping materials, so you can feel good about the package that arrives on your doorstep. At Modgy offices we choose email over printing, recycling over waste and veggies from our organic staff garden over pesticides.

Read on to learn how Modgy products are re-usable, recyclable and as good for the earth as comparable glass products. 

Modgy Vases, Luminaries and Wine Glass Shades are designed to be reused.
These products are created from durable, thin layers of PET, PA and LDPE. Our vases and luminaries expand with water. When you're done using them simply empty, collapse and store until next time.

Hydrate your pup, refill the reusable Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls
Modgy Expandable dog water bowls  are designed to be reused for as long as your dog wants to travel, play in the park and chase squirrels. When your dog's play session is complete, just empty the bowl, collapse and store until next time.

We hope you use your Modgy products for years to come, but if you decide to replace them, they can be recycled where #7 is accepted.

Your dog will love Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls for life, but should you need to replace a Modgy dog bowl, they are recyclable where #7 is accepted.

Modgy Vases, Luminaries and Wine Glass Shades require less energy to produce than glass. Common glass has a melting point temperature of 2700 degrees (F), and a working point temperature of 2000 degrees (F). Polyethylene, used to create Modgy products, has a melting point of 220-260 degrees (F) and LDPE has a melting point of 400-500 degrees (F). Due to their collapsible nature, Modgy vases and luminaries require less space for transport and therefore less fuel.

Modgy Dog Bowls ship collapsed, which requires fewer packing materials and less fuel than regular bowls.