November 21, 2012 1 min read

 With a title like “man’s best friend,” dogs must be pretty cool animals. So naturally designing a product for people with dogs was right up our alley. We developed H2FidO to be a great transportable hydration system and we have been test marketing it every chance we get.

We recently attended the Portage Lake Triathlon to watch David’s nephew compete, and we took along our boy Yukon to check it out. 

Yukon might have enjoyed himself more than all the competitors, and he wanted to jump in with everyone during the swimming leg of the race. We managed to take his mind off the swimming by tossing the tennis ball around with him, but we finally let him join in the triathlon and jog alongside all of the runners.

As we’re sure you can imagine, he wore himself out pretty quickly. So after his workout he chilled out and enjoyed his H2FidO. Yukon loves his H2FidO (what dog wouldn’t) and we like that he can go and get a drink when he wants to. We were immediately pleased by the looks that the H2FidO got from other dog owners and one owner with a beautiful Husky even told us “That is a great idea!”

As the race wound down we packed up and clipped H2FidO back on to our bag, congratulated David’s nephew on coming in third place, and headed out. Can’t wait to show off (and brag about) this product even more!