December 11, 2012 3 min read

Everyone has those people on their gift list that are just impossible to buy for. Every year, around this time, you try to think of a gift that they actually want, and every year you end up just getting them something generic (it’s the thought that counts right?). Well this year is finally the year that you nail it! That’s right, you will get them something thoughtful, unique and brag-worthy! So without any more ado, these are the 5 people on your list that want MYVAZ for the holidays:


1.   Your Grandma

We all love grandma. She’s the one who snuck you candy, took care of you on your days home sick from school and she always got you the BEST gifts for any gift-giving holiday (a thoughtful card with a twenty tucked nicely inside). So how do we repay her? We get her random gifts every year. But honestly, what does your grandma want for the holidays? She just wants to spend time with the family! You can’t show up to the holiday party empty-handed though, so what’s a grandkid to do? Here’s what you do, you buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a MYVAZ to match. What’s her favorite color or pattern? Don’t worry, we have it. Plus, now she doesn’t have to climb up on a chair to find a vase when you show up with just flowers. You don’t want to ruin dinner by breaking grandma’s hip do you?

2.   Your Coworker

It’s time for the office gift exchange again. Once again, there’s a $10 limit on gifts. If your gift exchange goes anything like ones parodied on TV, there’s a lot of re-gifting of unwanted junk from holidays past. If you want to be the star of the gift exchange this year, the person whose gift is battled over, then look no further than MYVAZ! It’s seriously the perfect office gift! It adds a little flavor to any office space, and you won’t have to go over the price limit. It’s a win-win really. (Maybe score some points with your boss as well by getting two).

3.    Your Hostess

It’s party time! You’re about to be going to so many holiday parties that you’ll lose count. While the parties are fun, there’s always the hostess gift that could put a damper on things. You don’t always want to do the generic bottle of wine (not to mention that can add up). So why not do something a little different this year? With all the different options of MYVAZ available, you can get something different for every one of your hostesses! (You’ll probably be the life of the party after such a stellar gift as well).

4.    The Out-Of-Towner

Holiday time = travel time. You’re traveling to see family, friends, in-laws and who knows who else. This presents a tough problem of maximizing your suitcase space. You have room for your stuff, but wait, you have to fit in presents as well! Luckily MYVAZ is so compact that it doesn’t even really take up space in the suitcase! It’s flat against the top of the suitcase so you can still pack all your shoe AND outfit options! Problem solved.

5.    The Kids’ Teacher

Speaking as the daughter of a teacher, I think I can say with 100% certainty that your kids’ teacher does NOT want another “#1 Teacher” coffee mug. However, every teacher can use some flowers in a festive vase on the desk. Also, with a bunch of kids running around it’s pretty clutch that the vase won’t break when it inevitably gets knocked over during indoor recess. MYVAZ will look great full of pencils and crayons too!


So there you have it! You can cross those 5 people off your list and move on to more pressing issues like how you’re going to fit 40 people in your dining room for holiday dinners!