June 21, 2013 1 min read

So today is “Bring your Dog to Work Day” and I thought, what can I do to really embrace this glorious holiday? My answer came in the form of an e-mail my wife sent with a sweet face looking back at me. His name is Jax.  A very cute and a great new companion to our boy Lucky.   If we had gotten them at the same time we’d have to have named them Salt and Pepper.   Jax is the salt one by the way:


Like Lucky, Jax is a rescue dog and also a poodle schnauzer mix.   Including his foster home, we are the fourth home he’s had in his five year life so he’s very cautiously starting to adjust but we think he will fit in great to our family.  With three kids, one dog already, a guinea pig, a fish and a frog, whats another dog?


One thing is for certain, Jax and Lucky will never be dehydrated or  without Collapsible/Expandable Dog Bowls (H2FidO plug here) or attention.


I have warned my wife that we are not getting a new dog for every bring your dog to work day so don’t expect a similar post this time next year.