EEK! Spider Luminaries- 4 Per Pack


Includes: 4 Luminaries and 4 water-activated, floating LED candles. Batteries included.

MODGY EEK! Spider Luminaries seamlessly blend timeless artistry with modern illumination, each pack including four lanterns and four water-activated LED candles, batteries included. Setting the mood with soft lighting and eye-catching designs, these collapsible wonders enhance every moment. Modgy luminaries offer functionality and elegance perfect for any occasion, from large events to tranquil evenings.

    The Story

    How did spiders become one of the creepy symbols of Halloween? Like black cats and bats, they are known to be familiars of witches. It’s said that if a spider falls into a lit candle and is consumed by the flame, a witch is close by. Other traditions hold that a spider seen on Halloween is a sign of a loved one watching over you.

    Spiders in general get a bad rap. In reality, they are very beneficial for our environment. They prey on insect pests including mosquitoes, aphids, flies and earwigs, helping to alleviate the spread of diseases and the destruction of crops. In many cultures they are viewed as good luck. So EEK! by all means, but remember as unlovable as they may be, they help keep the balance in our delicate ecosystem.


    Included: 4 luminaries, 4 LED candles and 4 Lithium batteries per package. Luminaries arrive flat and expand with water.

    Dimensions: 6" X 6.5"

    Materials: BPA Free Plastic

    Color: Blue, Black

    Care: Rinse with water and dish soap. Leave open to dry, store flat.


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