Popular Uses for Modgy Wine Glass Shades

Modgy Wine Glass Shades easily slip over water-filled wine glasses and create an instant glow by adding a flameless, water-activated, floating LED candle. Constructed of durable plastic, these wine glass lampshades can be reused for every special occasion.

Bright Idea!

Set the mood! Turn your wine glasses into elegant table lamps in an instant.

Popular Ways to Use Modgy Wine Glass Shades

Modgy Wine Glass Shades require no assembly and can be reused!

Create instant elegance at a wedding by adding Modgy Wine Glass Shades to guest tables. These wine glass lampshades require no assembly and include flameless, water-activated, floating LED candles that last for more than 60 hours!

Dress up a dinner party by adding a Modgy Wine Glass Shade to each place setting. Modgy Wine Glass Shades fit over standard 12-16oz, and sometimes up to 18oz, wine glasses that you would typically use for white wine.

Bring Modgy Wine Glass Shades as a gift for the hostess of the next party you attend. Whether your hostess has clear or colored wine glasses, these wine glass lampshades will create an equally inviting glow at her next event.