Popular Uses for Modgy Lights

Modgy’s submersible LED lights add a glow to any event and can be used under water as well as on dry land. These flameless, LED tea lights are waterproof and flameless, making them safe for any occasion.

Bright Idea!

Keep your party going. Modgy LED lights hold a glow for more than 60 hours.

Popular Ways to Use Modgy Lights

Transform your pool with submersible LED lights in multi-color for fun or white for a touch of elegance.

Create a unique centerpiece with submersible LED light and your favorite flowers. Water beads, marble and sea glass are great fillers and instantly glow when used with Modgy LED lights.

Turn out the lights and illuminate bath time with submersible LED lights.

Add some submersible lights beneath the ice in your beverage cooler or wine bucket for a cool glowing effect.

All of our lights are a great way to add fun and elegance to any party, event or wedding.