Popular Uses for Modgy Expandable Vases

Modgy Expandable vases expand and fill with water to be the perfect complement to flowers. Without danger of breaking or scratching, they’re a fool proof way to dress up a bouquet.

Bright Idea!

When your Modgy Expandable vase is not in use, collapse and store flat to save space.

Popular Ways to Use Modgy Expandable Vases

Fill Modgy Expandable vases with water and flowers to create a centerpiece for your dining table.

Bring a little sunshine to your office space with a Modgy Vase and a small bouquet.

Buy a stylish Modgy Vase and flowers to give as a housewarming gift, Mother’s Day present or birthday surprise.

Rather than rent of buy expensive glass vases, use myvaz vases for the floral arrangements at your next event or on your big wedding day.