Green Statement

Modgy™ is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We use recycled products where possible in our business processes and use technology to lower our energy usage. We have a low-waste shipping policy by reusing all possible incoming shipment materials, strive for using as little paper as possible (including intra-office written communications distributed only via email), and have an office recycling program for paper, glass, plastic and e-waste (old computers etc.). We even have an on-site staff organic garden. Following are green facts regarding each of our product lines:

Modgy Expandable Vases

Modgy vases are an environmentally preferred product compared to a traditional glass vase due to a far lower full life-cycle impact on the environment and human health (in terms of energy and natural resource usage, as well as carbon emissions).
The Modgy Vase material (thin layers of PET, PA and LDPE ) takes much less energy to produce than glass. Common glass has a melting point temperature of 2700 degrees (F), and a working point temperature of 2000 degrees (F). Polyethylene has a melting point of 220-260 degrees (F) and LDPE has a melting point of 400 ~ 500 degrees (F).

Transportation, Storage, Reuse and Recyclability:

Since Modgy vases are stored completely flat, approximately 50-200 Modgy Vases (depending on model) occupy the same space as just one similar-sized glass vase in transit, thus the Modgy Vase uses a fraction of fuel oils in transport and distribution. Modgy Vases also requires much less room to store at retail, at home or in the office. The Modgy Vase is manufactured with high quality materials which are not breakable like glass, and the Vase is designed to be reused over and over. The Modgy Vase is also recyclable, should you decide at some point to dispose of it.

Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls™

The Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls are manufactured from BPA free PET, PA and LDPE while the bowl is made of BPA free PET and PE. As the Modgy Expandable Dog Bowls ship completely flat, they use much less energy to transport than a traditional pet bowl or water bottle. One traditional dog bowl occupy the same amount of shipping space as approximately 200 Modgy Dog Bowls. 
While the Modgy Dog Bowls are intended for reuse, it is also recyclable where #7 is accepted. .



*Modgy Luminaries and Wine Glass Shades™ 

The Modgy Luminaries and Wine Glass Shades shares the same green characterizes of the Modgy Expandable Vase.