William Morris Tulip & Willow Tea Towel

  • Brighten your kitchen with our artful Vincent van Gogh Irises tea towel!

    Made of absorbent 100% cotton, our tea towels are both useful and beautiful to display. A perfect addition to kitchen décor, or as a decorative accent runner for dining, coffee table, or anywhere in the house. Includes a handy hanging loop.

  • William Morris (1834-1896) was an artist, designer, poet, social activist, and a founder of the Arts and Crafts movement. As a response to the low-quality mass-produced products resulting from the Industrial Revolution, Morris based his firm, Morris & Co., on the concept of fine hand-crafted goods. Hugely successful, his studio created artisanal home décor items including wallpaper, fabrics, embroideries, and tapestries.

    Inspired by the English countryside, Morris turned tangled cottage gardens into richly detailed patterns. Our luminary recreates the beautiful Tulip and Willow design which features scrolling willow branches woven through with fanciful tulips in full bloom.

    "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
    –William Morris

  • Dimensions:  19-1/2 in x 27-1/2 in
    Materials:  100% Cotton
    Included:  1 Tea Towel
      Blue, Yellow, White
      Machine wash cold, hang dry