October 27, 2020 1 min read

We may have the coolest luminaries out there, but we certainly didn’t develop the concept of the Luminary, otherwise known as Luminaria or in parts of New Mexico they are known as Farolitio, which translates as “little lantern” where it’s a custom to line the streets with them around Christmas time. In other parts of the USA it has become a custom to use paper bag luminary lanterns to line driveways through neighborhoods and in some small towns they line the downtown. One famous landmark in the USA, the San Antonio Riverwalk lines the Riverwalk with Luminaries every Christmas and people come from all around to behold the sight. Luminaries have been brining joy and happiness to those that encounter them since their creation.   

We are pretty proud of ourselves for coming up with a unique new from of Luminary in our Modgy Expandable Luminary Lanterns with floating LED’s that are not specific to any one holiday, as a matter of fact they are perfect for any day of the year.  Out on the patio, by the pool, on the deck, by the bath tub, on the nightstand, you get the picture. We hope you enjoy them, or whatever type of Luminary Lantern you choose to enjoy!

Photo of the Luminary lined San Antonio River Walk below.   These were custom luminaries produced by Modgy:



Photo of Historic Deerfield Village lined with Modgy Luminary Lanterns