May 06, 2019 4 min read

Unique Housewarming & Hostess Gifts

When you’re invited to a housewarming party or to someone’s house as a guest at a dinner party, it’s pretty well established that you’re supposed to bring a gift...and the types of gifts people usually bring are pretty darned predictable at this point.  Lots of people simply bring a dish of food or a bottle of wine, which can be expected but don’t show much thought or genuine care.

Even something as traditional as a houseplant for a gift can feel a bit dull and lifeless. Maybe it’s time that we start thinking a bit outside of the gift-giving box? Giving a unique and thoughtful gift to your host shows not only that you thought of their tastes specifically, but also that you appreciate their invitation on a deeper level.

Affordable & Beautiful Floral Options

Warm, open, and inviting homes feel like a special escape from the rest of the world. Giving a hostess gift that compliments the host's personal space and adds to the comfort and pleasure of their home is one unique approach to gift giving.

Part of the reason for bringing a gift to your host is to reciprocate the valuable connection and care they themselves are expressing by extending an invitation. Flowers are an excellent way to thank your host for opening their home to you. The infinite variety of possible flowers, arrangements, and vases makes it easy to present a unique gift while showing your host that you care about their preferences. Unusual and unexpected blossoms that are not commonly given in bouquets, or flowers with pleasing aromas, serve well as unique gifts while conveying a sense of gratitude that will get you invited back again and again.

If you’re going to give flowers as a gift, you may also consider providing those flowers in a vase. This is where things can get really fun. You have the option to give a vase in the host's favorite color or design which shows a bit of extra care...and it’s a gift that won't break the bank. Of course, traditionally, picking a vase can be a bit tricky. There were so many aesthetic issues to consider...but all around the same topic - which type of glass. If you’re choosing a traditional vase, you have to think about ‘quality’ or ‘cut’ or ‘weight’, and all of these things will play as factors in how much that vase will cost. We advocate for going in a more modern direction. With our vases, you’re only considering the design. And because they’re so cost conscious, you can potentially choose more than one and give your host a few options. Going this route also gives you plenty of budget leeway and picking the bouquet to present with the vase. Although we’re fans of grocery store budget bouquets, there are lots of beautiful options at your local florist which, when combined with a Modgy vase, become pretty affordable options.

Candles...but Not

Flowers are a great - traditional, but not traditional (if you’re giving them in a Modgy Vase) housewarming gift, but candles are another traditional option. But, how can you make it a little less expected and a little more useful for the host? Well, first start with a votive. Votive candles are a beautiful way to add warmth and color to a home without being overwhelming. Candles, whether they’re votive, pillars, scented or unscented, single or multi wick… with all of their endless possibilities are some of the most complicated gift to try to give. There are plenty of people who love the idea of candles, but they’re concerned about the scents or waxes or simply don’t want to be responsible for remembering to snuff them out. When you’re giving a candle as a gift, you should probably consider this, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to avoid giving candles.

As a housewarming or hostess gift, a flameless votive luminary is a great gift option. With all of the design options, the luminaries leave near infinite room to make your gift as unique and unpredictable as you choose. Housewarming parties are especially good times to include elements of home decor, as it provides a positive and thoughtful addition to a new living space. The flameless votives included in each of the Modgy Luminaries are water activated, which means that they not only provide a nice flickering candle light, but that they also have a reflective quality on the water in the luminary. They provide a warm and inviting glow for your host to enjoy again and again.

Giving Something Memorable

Overall, the gifts we’re suggesting here are memorable and lasting. Memorable gifts stand out and show a higher level of caring than simple, consumable gifts like wine or food or traditional candles. A housewarming gift offers a chance to give a memorable item that becomes a part of your host's home and a part of the background of their daily life. Think of your host's interests and hobbies, and lean on those as inspiration. These types of memorable gifts aren’t expensive. Modgy vases and luminaries are personal and unique yet affordable gift can mean far more and gain more appreciation than a less thoughtful but more expensive gift.

As a guest, when the occasion arises to bring a gift to your host to show your appreciation for the invitation, consider Modgy. Modgy vases and luminaries add a dash of fun and happiness to your host's home that will remind them of you each time they reach for them.