May 29, 2019 3 min read

The appearance of our products is something we take great care in. We believe our products should reflect our customer's individual style and, when possible, add art to the space they occupy. 

With this in mind we commissioned designs from four artists around the world to contribute designs for our vases. The collection is featured here in our Artist Spotlight and they're the ultimate vases for art enthusiasts. 

Artist Bios

Noir As Love, created by Kareel Susi.

Kareel was born in Estonia and currently resides in his home town called Tartu. He has been involved in art since the age of 7 when he first attended art school and has always taken art as natural part of his life. He has finished Tartu Art School and been studying traditional graphic arts at Finland. Thanks to the 16th LVMH Young Artists’ Award, he earned his chance to gain parts of his artistic education at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris France. He also is connected with Estonian street art movement since 1999 and has been working with his own style of graffiti writing and stencil art.

What inspires him: "I’m inspired by the fact that world is not a finished jet and we are the ones who can design our world to be a better place. And of course I like beauty – it may be a beautiful idea, game, girl, lie, picture etc. Also I’m always inspired by rain and meeting strange people on new situations."

Foliage, created by Parveen Qaiser

Parveen was born in India and currently resides in Hyderabad, India. Her father was a Graphic Designer who she was influenced by and had worked with since her school days. She graduated from Delhi University (College of Art and Craft) with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (Painting & Grafix). She works as a professional 3D/2D character Animator. She enjoys and is passionate about the Fine Arts Graduate B.F.A (Painting & Grafix) Drawing and concept creation. She has more than ten years of industry experience and has been a part of many design and development projects. She works to achieve a balance between beauty and simplicity. With this goal in her mind, she examines each component as a tesserae in a mosaic.

What inspires her: "Nature and animals inspire me a lot."

Other Modgy products designed by Parveen: Boom Bloom and Sun Setter water bowl.

Romance At Dusk
created by Elena Bacheva

Elena was born in Bulgaria and currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most important things in her life are her family and art. She graduated from Secondary school of Applied Arts, St. Luke, Sofia, in 2000 with Textiles-Performer Artist major then received a Bachelor’s degree from Sofia University St. Kl. Ohridski in 2008 with a degree in Pedagogy of Fine Arts. Recently, she graduated from New Burlgarian University with a Master degree of Design of Visual Communication. Her art education began with light and shadow drawing objects. When she was 11 years old, her teacher called her mother for a personal meeting, then she joined Susie Aronova’s art studio. Two years later, she was in prof. Marin Kotsev’s art studio working on the color and construction of the objects with watercolor.

What inspires her: "I am also strongly influenced by world famous artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Waldemar Swierzy, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Gil Elvgren and others."

Other Modgy products designed by Elena:  Fall Upon Us vase and Fall Upon Us luminary »

Sun City, created by Deeann Gray

Deeann was born in the US and is currently resides in Texas, US. She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree and is currently finishing up her Master’s in Web Design and Development. She has always been into anything art related from music to scrapbooking. She decided to change her career to design while working in sales for a print house.

What inspires her: "I gain inspiration from everything. Usually involves music but everything can have beauty if you look at it in the right light. Here is my favorite quote: 'To be inspired is great, to inspire is AMAZING'."