May 26, 2019 2 min read

Interior Design Style without the Sacrifices

Your home is your castle. It’s the place that should most accurately represent your taste and your style. Guests should be able to enter your home and get an instant feeling ofyou! Well, at least that’s how it should be...but that’s not always how it usually works out.

Somewhere, along the way, we all started making style sacrifices. Maybe it started out as sacrifices of time or energy - I mean the moving process itself is time and energy consuming. I know, I’ve absolutely lived out of moving boxes for weeks (or months) after a particularly big move. Or maybe you were making style sacrifices for money...the stuff you love and best represents you just wasn’t in the budget. made sacrifices for you kids, because you love them and don’t want to have to put them out on the streets because they broke your favorite $2,000 vase playing a game of hide-and-go seek???

All of these style sacrifices are completely legitimate and feel so necessary...until you meet Modgy. Every Modgy product is designed to help you add style to the life you’re living right now. You don’t have to comb the shelves at an antique store looking for the perfect vase...just browse our online shelves and your favorite design delivered to your door this week. All of our designs are completely budget friendly...meaning that we won’t break your bank - regardless of how small it is. And all Modgy designs are kid and pet your beautiful Tiffany flower vase gets knocked off the table by your kid practicing her best Wonder just mop up the water, refill the vase and send your kid back off to save the world from alien invaders.

Oh, and if the sacrifices you’ve been making are because “no one has the perfect kitchy designs”, we’ve got you covered there. We collaborate with Artists and museums around the world and have designs that range from the classics to the outrageous! From Tiffany Magnolias to peacocks to Halloween pumpkins...there’s a Modgy design for your taste.

So, stop making interior design style sacrifices! Make your home really feel like your castle with Modgy, today.