Modgy 10-Pack, Triple LED, Submersible Lights – Multi Color Changing

Includes: 10 multi color changing, submersible triple LED lights. 

  • Modgy’s extra bright triple LED submersible lights feature 3 LED bulbs that glow and change color in unison. These multi-color lights can be used under water as well as on dry land to add a glow to any water feature or centerpiece. Toss them in a pool, fountain, centerpiece with flowers or your beverage cooler to illuminate the festivities. These submersible LED lights are waterproof, flameless and last more than 40 hours!
    First-time Use: Unscrew the light and remove the paper disc between the battery and LED. Screw back together to illuminate. Screw down tight to keep water out.
  • Dimensions: 1 and 1/8” diameter x 1” tall
    Materials: Plastic
    Included: 10 single LED submersible lights in each package
    Color: Color-changing lights
    Care: Gently towel dry
    Safety: Not food safe